treosthe third place

(the “first” being the home, the “second place” being the workplace). treos offers a bridge to the community life where you can meet old and new friends in an informal meeting place over espresso, pastries; a panini or handcrafted beer, wine and tapas.

treos life

is our commitment. Our faith is first, our friends family and guests second and we are third.

  • The term “treos life” is a commitment to service and passion for our guests, and our suppliers.
  • We will serve only the finest coffees sourced directly from the farms in regions throughout the world where our roaster has a personal sustainable relationship with each of our growers. (Farm2Cup)
  • Our pastries are made locally and we rely first on local markets for our culinary needs to prepare great Panini, flatbreads and small plate offerings.
  • We feature local brewers on tap with some of the best hand crafted beer, and our wine list features a great sampling of Northwest wines as well as great tastes from around the world.