Our coffee is not just Fair Trade; we know the farmers by name.

treos espresso

After many tedious hours of roasting, tasting, and sampling, we arrived at the world’s perfect espresso. We think you’ll agree. The medium to dark roast creates a complex flavor that is fruity and wild. The aroma is floral and sweet. With a thick, flowing crema it’s great in a latte, and even better as a straight shot. This espresso blend will go down easy and make your palate beg for more.

treos light

Our lightest roast, it is roasted to pair well with all foods especially dessert. The taste has subtle, fruity notes with a fairly heavy body. It goes down extremely smooth and leaves a wonderful taste on your palate. Out treos light roast is an amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner coffee.

treos medium

Our medium roast offers the smoothest of all our blends. The taste has a clean feel that starts strong and rolls into a silky, smooth, buttery finish. Blended to impress you any way you try it – espresso, drip, pourover, or French press. The novice coffee drinker will throw away the cream and sugar, and the expert coffee drinker will give it the respect it deserves. Our treos medium is perfect for anyone.

treos dark

Our dark roast has a rich, bold taste with light characteristics. Roasted to avoid bitterness, treos dark provides a deceptively soft taste with chocolatey, port wine notes. The body is medium and the aroma is reminiscent of blueberries with a slight smokiness. Our treos dark is great to sipand savor any time of the day.


Farm2Cup can drastically impact the livelihood of the farmer’s family, employees
and even an entire village. Our roaster works with farmers around the world, in
countries such as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil and Honduras. Our guests who
purchase Farm2Cup coffee win in the end because they know their dollar counts.
By simply drinking Farm2Cup coffee, the purchase supports farmers, families and
communities. In addition, the coffee exceeds taste expectations because of the high
quality standards the program demands.

love life. love coffee. drink treos.